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What is the “PUNS” List?

What is the “PUNS” (Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services) List and Why Do I Need to Get My Child’s Name on It? Click here to download a PDF of this page content. The “PUNS” list is a database maintained by the Illinois Department of Human Services with information regarding persons with developmental disabilities […]

Flowers, Candy and Planning for Your Loved One’s Future

Do you have a Will? A Trust? Powers of Attorney for Healthcare for you and your spouse? Have you taken Guardianship of the young adult in your family who needs that protection?

More on Valentine’s Day

If you do not ask the school district for a Case Study Evaluation on or before February 14, the school district may claim it does not have 60 school days left in the year to process your child’s case study evaluation.


Illinois has changed its law on bullying. If your child has been the victim of bullying and you want to know what you can do to prevent bullying in the future, Cahill & Associates can help.

Changes to the Power of Attorney for Healthcare in Illinois

The new year brought with it changes to the Illinois Power of Attorney Act. Amendments require new language that must accompany all Powers of Attorney for Healthcare documents created on or after January 1, 2015.

I Have Obtained Guardianship of My Adult Child . . . Now What?

Congratulations! You have completed an important step in securing your child’s future. The following are some next steps: Register your child on the State of Illinois “PUNS” list. Make the appropriate Estate Plan to make sure your child will qualify for and keep benefits. Apply for Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”). Apply for Medicaid. Arrange for […]

Common Pitfalls in Obtaining Guardianship

Have you been thinking about seeking guardianship of your soon-to-be 18 year old child? Do not make these common mistakes: Failure to provide a properly written doctor’s opinion. A note written on a prescription pad from your child’s physician will not suffice as the medical opinion needed for a Court to grant guardianship. A blank […]

7 Reasons Estate Planning is for Everyone!

“Do you have the comfort of knowing that someone you trust will manage your affairs in an emergency?” Have an existing estate plan but need to add a special needs trust? We can review and update your Will and draft a Special Needs Trust for your disabled child. Need to have a basic estate plan […]

Make June Your IEP Review Month

Your yearly IEP meetings have concluded. Backpacks are put away, school is out. Now it is time to plan for camps, summer vacations and fun. But do not stuff that IEP into the drawer just yet. Summer is also the perfect time to have someone look over your child’s IEP to make sure that your […]

“Stay Put” Now Applies to Mediation

Illinois school law has now been amended so that not only does “stay put” apply to administrative and judicial proceedings, but also to mediation.