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Why Does an 18 Year Old With Disabilities Need a Guardian?

There are many reasons why parents need to go to the expense of obtaining guardianship for an 18- year-old with disabilities even if the child resides at home. “Is that the only answer for a youngster turning 18, who is under a disability?” “Will I become liable for my child’s bills and misconduct if I am his guardian?”

Request Your Child’s Case Study Evaluation or Re-Evaluation Now!

You should send the school a written request for a case study evaluation or re-evaluation before January 31st. In Illinois schools have 14 school days to respond to your request for an evaluation. But the school has until approximately May 25th to complete it.

Transportation is a Related Service

Is your school district giving you the run around regarding transportation of your son or daughter? Transportation is considered a related service like speech-language services or occupational therapy.