I Have Obtained Guardianship of My Adult Child . . . Now What?

Now what imageCongratulations! You have completed an important step in securing your child’s future. The following are some next steps:

  1. Register your child on the State of Illinois “PUNS” list.
  2. Make the appropriate Estate Plan to make sure your child will qualify for and keep benefits.
  3. Apply for Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”).
  4. Apply for Medicaid.
  5. Arrange for the appropriate transition services through your school district.
  6. If possible, investigate your child working at paid employment to earn enough credits to qualify for Social Security Disability Income (“SSDI”).

Depending on your child’s unique needs and circumstances, you may need to pursue some or all of these services for your child. Each of these steps can seem daunting at first, but Cahill & Associates can walk you through it and make it as painless as possible.

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