Guardianship/Trust FAQ

When should I start the process to get guardianship of my adult child with disabilities?

The process can be started before the child attains the age of majority. If you are going to retain an attorney to assist you in obtaining guardianship, you should contact that attorney in advance. If you are planning to handle the guardianship yourself, see “Eleven Easy Steps to Guardianship.” For more information concerning your specific situation, feel free to contact our office.

How can I be sure my will or trust will not jeopardize benefits received by my family member with disabilities?

Wills and trusts are often very personal to your situation and needs. However, one thing to look for is whether your will or trust leaves anything directly to your family member with disabilities. By doing so, you may be jeopardizing benefits that family member is currently receiving or could receive in the future. If you are unsure as to whether your will or trust is properly drafted, you should have it reviewed by a professional.