Request Your Child’s Case Study Evaluation or Re-Evaluation Now!

If you want your child’s school to complete a case study evaluation ore re-evaluation and have a new IEP in place by the close of school, you must send the school a written request for a case study evaluation or re-evaluation before January 31st. In Illinois schools have 14 school days to respond to your request for an evaluation. Hopefully they will respond by holding a meeting to discuss what evaluations need to be completed and you will sign a Consent for Evaluation form. The school has 60 school days from the date parents sign the Consent for Evaluation form to complete the evaluation, hold a meeting to determine eligibility and write an IEP.

If you send a written request on January 31st, the school has until approximately May 25th (including Spring Break and one or two holidays) to complete all the steps listed above. You do not have a moment to spare! If you are not sure how to write a request for a case study evaluation or a re-evaluation, or have questions regarding the types of evaluations you should ask for when you sign your consent form, Cahill & Associates can help. Call (630) 778-6500 or contact us now.

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