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More on Valentine’s Day

If you do not ask the school district for a Case Study Evaluation on or before February 14, the school district may claim it does not have 60 school days left in the year to process your child’s case study evaluation.


Illinois has changed its law on bullying. If your child has been the victim of bullying and you want to know what you can do to prevent bullying in the future, Cahill & Associates can help.

Changes to the Power of Attorney for Healthcare in Illinois

The new year brought with it changes to the Illinois Power of Attorney Act. Amendments require new language that must accompany all Powers of Attorney for Healthcare documents created on or after January 1, 2015.

Why Does an 18 Year Old With Disabilities Need a Guardian?

There are many reasons why parents need to go to the expense of obtaining guardianship for an 18- year-old with disabilities even if the child resides at home. “Is that the only answer for a youngster turning 18, who is under a disability?” “Will I become liable for my child’s bills and misconduct if I am his guardian?”

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