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Make June Your IEP Review Month

Your yearly IEP meetings have concluded. Backpacks are put away, school is out. Now it is time to plan for camps, summer vacations and fun. But do not stuff that IEP into the drawer just yet. Summer is also the perfect time to have someone look over your child’s IEP to make sure that your […]

Request Your Child’s Case Study Evaluation or Re-Evaluation Now!

You should send the school a written request for a case study evaluation or re-evaluation before January 31st. In Illinois schools have 14 school days to respond to your request for an evaluation. But the school has until approximately May 25th to complete it.

Help. I Think My Student Needs an Evaluation!

Is your son or daughter with disabilities not having as much success as was expected or is starting to struggle in areas that he or she had not struggled with in the past? Don’t wait for the school to contact you, request an IEP meeting to address those issues.

Progress Reports Are In: How Did Your Student Do?

By now, the first quarter of the new school year has come to a close. Parents will be receiving report cards, progress reports and attending parent conferences. For students with an IEP, parents should also be receiving reports on their student’s progress toward achieving his or her IEP goals and objectives.

Recent Success Stories

In a meeting with Denise Cahill, parents of a high school sophomore recently learned that their son’s IEP was incomplete and that he was not getting sufficient related services. Denise helped the parents write an outline, call an IEP meeting and sat with the parents through the first session of a two session IEP meeting. […]

Transportation is a Related Service

Is your school district giving you the run around regarding transportation of your son or daughter? Transportation is considered a related service like speech-language services or occupational therapy.

Federal Court Finds Bullying Can Deny Student FAPE

In two decisions rendered recently, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York found that the Hearing Officer should have considered the alleged bullying of the student when making his decision of whether the student was denied a free appropriate public education (FAPE). T.K. v. New York City Department of Education, […]