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More on Valentine’s Day

If you do not ask the school district for a Case Study Evaluation on or before February 14, the school district may claim it does not have 60 school days left in the year to process your child’s case study evaluation.

Make June Your IEP Review Month

Your yearly IEP meetings have concluded. Backpacks are put away, school is out. Now it is time to plan for camps, summer vacations and fun. But do not stuff that IEP into the drawer just yet. Summer is also the perfect time to have someone look over your child’s IEP to make sure that your […]

“Stay Put” Now Applies to Mediation

Illinois school law has now been amended so that not only does “stay put” apply to administrative and judicial proceedings, but also to mediation.

Required Services May Include Air-Conditioning

Air-conditioning may be an accommodation your child with a disability needs to participate in school. While not a specifically listed service or accommodation in either IDEA 2004 or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the school district could be required to provide air-conditioning for certain children with disabilities. IDEA 2004 states as part of its […]

Your Child May Be Eligible for ACT Test Modifications

The State of Illinois requires all high school juniors (unless exempted) to take the ACT as part of the Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE). Your child can apply for certain accommodations when taking the ACT test. The most common accommodation requested is extended time. However, other accommodations, including taking the test over multiple days, using […]

Your College Student May be Entitled to Accommodations in College

If you have a child that will be entering a college program in the fall, make sure he or she requests accommodations needed to access his or her college education. This could also include testing entities as well as licensing authorities. Once your child has graduated from high school, the Individuals With Disabilities Act (IDEA) […]

Think Out of the Box When Creating Your Extended School Year Plan

If the “usual” ESY program offered by the school district does not address your child’s needs, you should request an ESY program that does! Most of those ESY services look very similar to each other: 4 hours a day, 4 days a week for 4 weeks with related service minutes reduced by about half. Your […]

Help. I Think My Student Needs an Evaluation!

Is your son or daughter with disabilities not having as much success as was expected or is starting to struggle in areas that he or she had not struggled with in the past? Don’t wait for the school to contact you, request an IEP meeting to address those issues.

Progress Reports Are In: How Did Your Student Do?

By now, the first quarter of the new school year has come to a close. Parents will be receiving report cards, progress reports and attending parent conferences. For students with an IEP, parents should also be receiving reports on their student’s progress toward achieving his or her IEP goals and objectives.

Transportation is a Related Service

Is your school district giving you the run around regarding transportation of your son or daughter? Transportation is considered a related service like speech-language services or occupational therapy.