Your Child May Be Eligible for ACT Test Modifications

ACT Test logo - Cahill Associates - Disability LawThe State of Illinois requires all high school juniors (unless exempted) to take the ACT as part of the Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE).

Your child can apply for certain accommodations when taking the ACT test. The most common accommodation requested is extended time. However, other accommodations, including taking the test over multiple days, using an alternate test format such as Braille, a reader or the use of a scribe or computer or having a sign language interpreter present for spoken instructions, can be made available if your child qualifies for such accommodations.

If your child needs any accommodations to take the ACT test, he or she will need to request that accommodation prior to taking the test as well as provide documentation establishing a professionally diagnosed condition, school documentation (such as an IEP or 504 plan showing that the child receives such an accommodation in school due to a disability) and other documentation as needed.

For more information on ACT test accommodations, please visit If you need assistance getting your child ACT test accommodations, call Cahill & Associates, at 630-778-6500.

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